Hydro-Abrasive Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet Cutting System

The Idroline S 1730 hydro-abrasive waterjet cutting system is an elite design which ensures superior technological and productive performance.

This system is capable of cutting a wide variety of materials using a very high pressure jet of water or a mixture of water and abrasive. Waterjet cutting is often used during fabrication of machine parts. It is the preferred method when the materials being cut are sensitive to the high temperatures generated by other methods.

Waterjet cutting is used in various industries including mining and aerospace for cutting, shaping and reaming.

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Technical Specification

Model 1730
X axis 3000mm
Y axis 1700mm
Z axis 350mm
B axis +/-60°
R axis Tubes 42 >508mmLength max 2570mmWeight max 400kg
Support Plane 3700 x 2050mm
Overall Dimensions 5700 x 2700 x 3700 mm
Weight 4000kg

Advantages of Waterjet Cutting.

  • Cold cutting
    • No heat affected zones (HAZ)
    • No hardening
  • Omni-Directional cutting
    • Ability to cut in any direction
  • Cuts virtually any material
  • Small cutting width (kerf)
    • Excellent material utilisation
  • Perforates most materials without starting holes
  • Provides finished part production
    • No secondary processing required in many applications
  • Does not workload material
    • Stress-free cutting
  • Environmentally friendly

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  • Digital CNC communication with remote push-button panel
  • New Z axis strokes up to 350mm 3 axis, up to 250mm 5 axis and tube cutting up to 500mm
  • OSAI cnc with control panel to check the system’s main fuctional parameters
  • Stand grid plate
  • Electronic hopper for abrasive automatic monitoring with sensors for cutting parameters automatic control
  • Automatic hose reel
  • 330kg Abrasive Feeding System