Why should you purchase your Busbars from PRV?



PRV's Busbars not only offer quality and value for money, but as a company, we can meet all of your requirements in terms of Busbars, Conductors, Copper Contacts and Connections.

Whether you're an International manufacturer of medium or high voltage distribution and transit switchgear or an independent engineering contractor specialising in the maintenance, installation, testing of low voltage, high voltage and extra high voltage electrical plant and equipment we understand your needs and deliver when other companies can't

Busbars from PRV 

PRV has consistently been a stable and profitable Busbar supplier, working in partnership with it's customers in order to deliver a first class service. We have the skills, knowledge and experience to manufacture your replacement Busbars to order, at a cost the original manufacturers cannot match.

PRV delivers:-

  • CAD file integration with CNC manufacturing
  • Manipulated copper product with complex shapes
  • Multiple laminations with consolidated soldered ends
  • Flat or bridged Busbars
  • High precision Busbars
  • Conductors
  • Copper contacts and connections
  • Products manufactured from C101 electrical grade copper or 6101 T6 electrical grade aluminium
  • Forged and cast Busbars and connections
  • Silver and tin plating
  • Specialist resistive / conductive coatings
  • Heat shrink sleeving
  • Quick response times


Busbars, Conductors, Copper Conections, Braids and Contacts

PRV Engineering specialise in the use of Copper to manufacture all manner of components for the Low, Medium and High Voltage Industries including Rail Rolling Stock and Trackside electrical components. From Punching and Folding to Forging and Pressing, Complete Machined Castings and Stampings, Busbar Fabrication, Plating and Heat Shrink Sleeving are all services provided for our Electrical Industry Customers. Below are just a few of the many parts produced at our facility.

  • Braids with
    Consolidated Ends

  • High Voltage Breaker

  • High Voltage Breaker

  • High Voltage
    Breaker Component

  • High Voltage
    Breaker Contacts

  • Swaged, Silver Plated
    and Heat Shrunk

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