Defence Industry

PRV Engineering has been working within the Defence industry for 6 years. Initially approached to help develop new products, we now work routinely in all areas of this industry sector,  providing all sorts of products and services.

Armour plated products for the outside of military vehicles, mounts for internal equipment, electronics and electronic circuitry and exterior mounts for ancillary things like snow plough scoops are some of the more common products we work on. However, we are also involved in innovative new developments; busbars for carrying power and data within vehicles is just one example.  

Why do clients come to us?

Clients come to us because we have a ‘one stop shop’ capability. We can produce your product without the need to outsource parts of the manufacturing process to a third party. Whether it’s developing a product from concept to prototype and then on to full production or simply producing a product from your existing designs and specifications, it can all be completed in house, including the finishing and things like technical and specialist coatings.   

At what stage of a project do we need to be involved?

That is entirely your decision. We work with clients in any way that’s needed to achieve the desired outcome for their project.

Some clients already have their technical drawings and specifications and their prototype has been tried and tested, so we would simply be producing the end product.
Others come to us with their parts or products fully designed, but not extensively tested. Sometimes something doesn’t quite work and in these instances we will work with the client to overcome the problem. We will use our extensive expertise to recommend changes around materials, coatings, functionality and manufacturability to achieve the desired outcome.

We also have clients that have come to us with nothing but an idea. We have helped them refine their designs and drawings offering our expertise in the areas of material choices, finishing choices and overall manufacturability. We produce their prototype, test it and then go on to full manufacture. Our ‘one stop shop’ ability means that variances and changes in designs when prototyping can be quickly completed and retested with no delays.

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