Products and Services

We manufacture and fabricate from the Simplest of products, to more complicated items and assemblies for prototype Development and Testing:

Conventional Turning
•520 Dia. x 2mtr Long
•920 Dia. x 3mtr Long with 2mtr Taper Facility
•1200 Dia. x 350 Long
•200 Dia. x 3500 Long 
•(X) 1300 x (Y) 750 x (Z) 400 Universal
•(X) 1500 x (Y) 850 x (Z) 700 Universal
•(X) 1750 x (Y) 1000 x (Z) 750 Horizontal 
•300 Dia. x 900 Long External 250 Dia. x 350 Long Internal
•(X) 900mm x (Y) 400mm x (Z) 400mm
Vertical Boring
•Webster & Bennett 3ft Borer
•Webster & Bennett 4ft Borer with Mechanical Copy Facility 
Horizontal Boring
•2 x TOS Horizontal Borers (X) 2300 (Y) 2900 (Z) 2200
•1 x Forges de Gilly (X) 1800 (Y) 2600 (Z) 1700 
Spark Erosion
•1 x AGIE Plunge Spark Erosion machine
•(X) 400mm (Y) 300mm (Z) 300mm 

To complement the above we have also added part CNC/Manual Machines to our tool room facilities and all conventional equipment is fitted with Programmable Digital Readouts.